Maji's Market Minute August 19, 2022

Always put my client’s needs first

A few days ago, I posted a story about a client that did not qualify for a HELOC, (a home equity line of credit) because of an SBA loan. This actually got me to thinking, this is a seller client and they need to buy as well and this is a homesteaded property.

So it did have me a little bit concerned. And although we were pretty far along in the marketing and I was about ready to go live on MLS, I put a stop to it and had a conversation with them and said, look, I really think you need to get pre approved because what if, for whatever bizarre reason, you don’t qualify for a mortgage because of this SBA loan?

We really need to make sure, even if you sell the house that you will qualify because we can’t really run the risk of you being homeless.

And so we put a stop at everything. It’s going to delay everything a little bit because they do need to file one income tax return.

And so here we are.

Not many Realtors would do this. They would probably just run with it, list the property and collect the commission and not worry about it.

But I don’t roll that way.

I put my clients needs first. Always.

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