Maji's Market Minute September 28, 2022

Hurricane Ian

It will be a bumpy ride for some but got to say Florida knows how to deal w hurricanes and we have some of the strongest building codes in the country.
Few tips from a Miami native and hurricane Andrew survivor that may not have been mentioned on the news.
1. Charge all devices, portable chargers. Including that old tablet you never use.
2. Register on nextdoor. It’s so helpful in times of need.
3. If you are coastal park your car on a higher level or better yet a few blocks inland. This applies to all FL coast.
4. Do not park your car under a tree if you can avoid it.
5. Find a safe room in the house w no windows just in case. (closet, hallway)
6. Do NOT go out during the eye no matter what! It will look very surreal, very still, crystal blue skies but dead silent. (very very and incredibly dangerous)
7. Do not try to hold a window or door preventing it from blowing in. Just don’t go near windows during the storm.
8. If the house starts contracting and expanding meaning the ceiling bows in and out like it’s breathing this is an er. RUN to the safe room.
9. If you hear freight trains RUN to the safe room.
10. Do not BLOCK gates where transformers are it will only delay getting your grid back up.
11. Break into that expensive bottle of Tequila or Bourbon. 🥃
12. Have a hurricane and get to know your neighbors party. This is when you need to lean on each other.
13. Don’t panic. I know it’s scary but Florida knows hurricanes.