Maji's Market Minute December 1, 2022

Interesting Inventory Trend this week

Interesting trend…
I have seen an increase in inventory in the last couple of weeks, which is very atypical for this time of the year. Actually, my predictions were that we were going to see a substantial increase in the first quarter of next year.
If you’re a BUYER, this would be a good time to get serious about looking and presenting offers because there are more options, but for how long??
If you’re a SELLER, you need to get in the game. If the inventory goes up, the market could shift a bit.
BUT…BUYERS should not wait too long because you don’t want to be in those dreaded bidding wars again.
Interest rates did go down a little bit. Actually more than a little bit, and there have been some other changes in the mortgage game recently.
And remember.. always remember this…the real issue here is inventory.
INVENTORY is the “Majic” bullet.

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