Maji's Market Minute March 7, 2023

Analyzing Headlines and Inventories

This is Maji Pace Ramos with today’s edition of Maji’s Market Minute, on a very, very sunny day in Miami. ☀️

Today we are going to discuss what’s going on with the headlines and the market.

Basically, we have to be really careful with the teaser headlines. They are effective for getting you to open the link but how accurate are they really?

Don’t chase the headlines, just follow the stats. That’s the moral of the story.

The headlines are saying that foreclosures have doubled but what they’re not saying is from what? What’s the reference here? We had historically low foreclosure rates, so doubling is actually still low. That’s the funny thing.

The real issue is inventory. 🏡

We are at a seven-year, all-time low of inventory in January, which is historically the strongest listing month of the year, that’s the problem.

If you are thinking about selling, this would be a great time to sell. Based on most of my resources, we should be looking at more homes for sale later this year. Then of course the market could shift.

Like “Majic” I’ll get it closed.

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