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There are way too many real-estate agents

There are way too many real-estate agents

By James Rodriguez
Courtesy of BusinessInsider

Bret Weinstein, a longtime real-estate broker in Denver, wants to love his industry. At its best, the business helps people find the homes of their dreams or secure financial freedom. But lately, he’s been having trouble squaring that passion with a growing problem: a glut of underqualified real-estate agents. 

“It really does need an overhaul,” Weinstein told me. “The general public deserves so much better than what the majority of real-estate agents provide.”

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💯!!! It is simply frightening how easy it is to get into an industry that directly works with most people’s largest asset! I have always thought there should be an internship like an appraiser. My dad always said year 7 is when you will start to understand real estate. It is that complex. He was right.

I did my time with my parents for the first couple of years and the lessons I learned are invaluable. Nothing you learn in a podcast, class or book. Thank you mom and dad (in heaven.) ❣️

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