Maji's Market Minute August 15, 2023


A sentiment found throughout David’s art, a constant thread woven into the tapestry of his life’s work, is that we are all here but for a brief moment. It is why he savored joy, and spread it. He lived and laughed and loved more than most, riding the waves of his career around the world. But the more he grew, in work and in life, the more he returned to an appreciation of the simplest pleasures. Watching birds on his porch in North Carolina. Drawing for people in the hospital. Making his friends laugh. Sobbing at the beauty of a sunset as he held his wife’s hand. Dancing, even in his wheelchair.

The last year of his life was a gift that served as a catalyst for spiritual evolution. Those closest to him on that last trial also reaped the beauty and benefits often found in the growth on the other side of pain. The final hours of his transition were filled with inappropriate laughter, ethereal music, prayer, meditation … and profound love and gratitude from those of us who had the forever honor of walking David home the last year of his physical life.

Join us in person or in spirit on Saturday, Aug 19 to salute LEBO with love, music and mischief. This is the outdoor, casual event he requested, so dress accordingly and bring your laughter and love and, if you like, beach towels or chairs to sit on. We’ll have food and drink available for purchase, along with a few other surprises to delight the senses.

Godspeed and safe travels, David. We will always love you.