Maji's Market Minute February 17, 2022

Offers not getting accepted?

Are you frustrated because your offers are not getting accepted? Today I am discussing how I have a 95% close ratio on offers presented.

I prepare my buyers thoroughly and insure the contracts are completely filled out with a DU (not lender pre-approval) or POF (proof of funds).

Reputation is everything in this market. It could make the difference in getting offers accepted and has done so for 5 of my recent buyers in the last 6 months.

I have a stellar reputation amongst my colleagues. Most agents do not understand the importance of this. Did you know that Listing Agents are not only googling the buyer but also your Realtor?

I know what Listing Agents are looking for because I have represented numerous sellers in the last 7 months. As a Listing Agent I analyze offers for my sellers so they can make an educated decision on which offer to accept. My criteria is lengthy and I make sure my buyers meet all of it,

You need to differentiate yourself and you need a Realtor that knows how to get offers accepted in this insane market.

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