Maji's Market Minute January 5, 2023

Best buyer’s market we’ve had in years!

Happy New Year! 🎇
Hope you all had a peaceful and wonderful holiday season.

I’ve been very, very busy. On my way to the Christmas Eve celebration with the family, I was negotiating a seller credit for my buyer, actually, right up until I got to my cousin’s house. I was a little bit late to the party. 🙃 A couple of days later I had inspections on another property and I’m now strategizing for the negotiation on that, for the appraisal and the inspections.

It’s a very busy market. This is a very good time for buyers to be on the market. It’s the best market we’ve had for buyers in the last few years.

If you are a buyer and you’re interested in buying a property, get in the game.

If you want to close, CALL ME.

and hopefully…

I will have time to take down my Christmas tree and decor this weekend. 😂


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